Don't Play with Your Music

Don't Play with your Music is a tool to explore the world of music. It can be used directly as an instrument (with the sounds of piano, violin or banjo). It can be used to write music, save the music as a file to play or edit, and print the sheet music. Enter notation from sheet music and listen to the sounds.


  • Touch a place on the staff and hear that note
  • Introduction to music and musical notation
  • Write, save, play, and print your music
  • Enter and listen to tricky musical phrases at different tempos

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9 November 2014

Thank you for the new print options!!! (btw small bug the "." dot does not print behind the note.)


2 June 2014

Thank you so much for creating this app. I've been using it to plot out, note by note, a song that I can't find music for. It only took me a few minutes to learn how to use it and the directions are very clear and you don't have to be connected to the internet to see them. I can put my notes on the paper, and listen to them, save and print them. GREAT APP! it did stop working, so I uninstalled, then reinstalled with no problem.