doo is your document app. It lets you access all your documents and automatically generates intelligent tags to help you find any document in seconds. You can import local document folders from your desktop as well as connect online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and your email accounts. Intelligent algorithms automatically identify relevant keywords and tag your documents. Based on these intelligent tags you can find any document in seconds with the most advanced document search! The optional doo Cloud allows you to safely backup your documents and keep them in sync on all your devices.


  • doo lets you access all your documents through one interface - documents on your local device as well as in Google Drive, Dropbox or your email accounts.
  • doo's intelligent tag based search allows you to find any document in seconds.
  • Intelligent algorithms automatically tag your documents with relevant keywords from categories like people, companies, document type (Invoice, Contract, ...), places and so forth.
  • doo can be used offline or with the doo Cloud, ensuring a secure backup of your documents.
  • Documents are accessible from any device, wherever you go when synchronized with the doo Cloud.

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31 March 2014

1. This app, like the rest of Microsoft, has more password requests than my Brokerage and Bank Accounts combined---and they are where I actually want protection. When the wolf is guarding the hen house, all the "password protection" in the world can't help you. 2. An app with no instructions and no "Back" button is worse than useless. If one ends up on a page he's either done with or arrived at by mistake, one can't even return to the start screen to start over, since clicking on "doo" takes him right back to the screen he's trying to leave. 3. If this app weren't free I'd be asking for my money back.


22 October 2013

Currently using on Latitude 10 and Laptop. Synchronization does not work consistently across the two devices. Great app to organize documents, tag documents, create workspaces for similar documents. Fix the sync problem and I would be willing to pay for the upgrade.


22 September 2013

Please add different screen orientation for tablet devices. Would love to be able to view in portrait mode.


15 April 2013

I’m what you might call a document hog: I have thousands, and I never give them up. Mine were in Dropbox and SkyDrive, and when I connected them to doo I was somewhat critical that it would actually be able to handle a large amount of documents in two places (not to mention my email and desktop). But I was very pleased with how it made sense of them all and put them in one place. It was fast, simple and the tag-combining you can do in the search make finding things fast.


10 March 2013

I've accumulated thousands of files over the last 20 years, and as good as I think I am at organizing it's not always easy to find them. Doo to the rescue? Of the 2,000+ files Doo indexed, the majority were incorrectly filed. Most (1,800+) did not detect the date, company, or document type. People faired better, but with many duplicates - even when the names matched exactly. What's baffling: most of my files are from Office and contain explicit metadata (name, company, labels). Ideal use case?


7 December 2012

Amazing job from Marc, Alex, Frank and the rest of the team!


31 October 2012

nice application but very incomplete on this platform


27 October 2012

I am using Doo on the Mac and on Windows 8. The Mac version allows searching within my current folder structure, the Windows version requires you to expose the files at the individual folder level. That makes it useless to me. If this feature is added, I could then recommend it.


3 September 2012

This app does not allow you to add folders, only single files, one or more at a time. I would be better to be able to add folders. without this option, the app is useless. also, the purposes of this app could be accomplished by an advanced file browser, which is what this is.


15 August 2012

Diese App funktioniert, nur solange wie man nicht mehr als ca. 100 Dokumente einfügt, danach wird sie unerträglich langsam.