Doom and Destiny

After the incredible success on Windows Phone, XBOX and Windows 7 D&D arrives on a great new Windows Store edition. You can now control the game with your touchscreen, with an XBOX gamepad or a keyboard! Strange events bring four nerdy friends in a fantasy world made of cliche, strange people and a lot of humor. Featuring more than 25 hours of fun, 200+ skills to defeat the 300+ enemies and over 500 between items and equipment D&D is a must have in your collection. Explore a gigantic world with more than 700 locations and unleash the power of the Spaghetti Monster! Winner of : +XBox Indie Summer Uprising (Top 8 out of 80 games) +WP App Star (Top 64 out of 9.000)


  • Award winning game
  • Turn based, easy to learn, combat
  • 25+ hours of singleplayer campaign (no add in or dlc required)
  • 200+ skills
  • 300+ enemies
  • 500+ between items and equipment
  • more than 700 locations
  • over 10.000 lines of dialog
  • 100 levels of experience
  • 4 character classes
  • Choose your party leader to apply special bonuses depending on battle position

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28 January 2016

So much fun


6 January 2016

Pretty fun gameplay, but rather difficult at times. And all of the secrets are hard to find.


8 November 2015

Definitely worth getting if you like jrpgs.


24 September 2015

It just brings me back... you cant get any better than this. on top of that.. the constant old school gamer humor


19 September 2015

this game is tops


26 August 2015

So far so good. just started but really enjoy it.


11 August 2015

Very Funny, makes fun of a lot of other games and pop culture! Decent game play and fun old fashioned graphics.


9 August 2015

I have been enjoying this game so much. It is classic and funny.


3 August 2015

Great job guys.


30 July 2015

Interesting plot for sure, a must have for any retro ff lovers.

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