Dragon Knight 3D

Game slogan: Ride your Dragon and Dominate the Skies! Game description: Welcome to an unbelievable 3D air combat game, filled with dragons, gorgeous graphics, immersive growth and interactive PK gameplay! Invite your friends and ride your own dragon to begin the new adventure in the skies! Welcome to an amazing 3D air combat game, nvite your friends and ride your own dragon to begin the new adventure in the skies! Game details: Dragon & Knight 3D is an Unity 3D air combat game where you together with friends, try to save princess and your dragon. Ride your Dragon and Dominate the Skies! Game features: 1. Dragon shooter: Mobile 3D air combat dragon shooter that heralds the new age of dragon battles! 2. Awesome barrage: Sweep a bunch of enemies with a barrage and feel the new power! 3. Dragon features: Cool looks and varied skills that you can bring into your dragon army! 4. Dragon growth: Evolve your dragons to give them better looks and barrage! Raise your ultimate dragon! 5. Pet transformation: Cute pets hide amazing powers that will help you defeat the enemy! 6. Powerful bosses: Challenge your limits against the Butterfly Queen, Evil Mage and others! Gameplay: Dragon system: Create a bond with your dragon through growth and friendship training! Hero system: Choose among different Dragon knights to create the most powerful combination! Pet system: Cute pets personify small bosses and dazzle the battlefield with cute powers! Equipment system: Special divine equipment system will make your powers soar! Stage system: This fantasy story epic offers hundreds of stages for your own experience! Trial system: Open the gold mine and hunting grounds to gain rare resources! Endless system: Pass stages, challenge your limits and compete against friends! Adventure system: Experience special dragon adventure stories! Expedition system: Challenge time-limited expeditions and high difficulty stages for rich rewards!


  • Free 40 Levels
  • Classic puzzle game

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6 December 2015

this puzzle game is the beat


27 October 2015



29 June 2015

great game~