Drink water!!

Drinking clean water should be part of everyone's daily schedule. Not only it helps you stay healthy, but is also a great source of energy and helps you focus on your work. This app will help you track the number of glasses you drink every day and will show you your current statistic in this matter.


  • Works in all orientations and snapped
  • Live tile with actual status

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21 March 2015

I have been using this for almost 2 weeks. Everything is great! It's VERY easy to use, easy on the eyes and the live tile keeps me up to date on how much water I've had/need. It'd like to see how well I've done over time. A record of my water drinking history would be perfect! Most of us like to see how much we've grown over time, this would help. *Side note: Some might like an alarm to remind them to drink. That's all! Great work, thus far!


31 January 2014

The only thing it doesn't do is have a live update for the tile to see my progress from the Start page.


13 April 2013

Can't believe I found this app in the windows store. Perfect for monitoring your daily water intake. Let's you set the goal. Suggestions: App donot update itself or reset after the day is complete or the daily goal is met. Also a feature like having a graph or history of previous days would be great