Driving Exam

Planning on getting drivers license, this app has videos and practice tests to help you pass your driving test. It covers almost all states in the US and some other countries like UK and India. More countries to follow.


  • Makes passing your test simpler – follow the clear two step process “watch and practice”
  • easy to understand – video material in clear, bite-sized chunks to help you really understand
  • learn your way – loads of real-life traffic signs and videos
  • clearly track your progress – it’s easy to see how you’re improving over time
  • prepares you for the day of your test – mock tests just like the real thing

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14 October 2015

my state is not there


11 September 2015

I would like this app if it includes test given to one who is unable to walk. I must read more, but overall useful, so I think that is great tool.


5 June 2015

From Website; Carl'sConsultingServiceCompany................................ The 'National Teen Drivers Week' is an important aspect with this apps., Lets say that the common 'Drivers Handbbook' with a Basic Automotive Textbook is presented to this future Teen driving student., 3 months of 'Drivers Education' classes? I think many younger children greatly benefit with learning driving skills prior to any legal-age-requirement.


1 March 2015

It didn't have Pennsylvania please do an update and put up Pa and other states that were not up there. >:(


22 May 2014



21 December 2013

So helpful thank you


17 November 2013

this don't even have Alabama on it waste of time and memory space


19 October 2013

keeps crashing


10 October 2013

Can you please update this app? Massachusetts is missing! For sure I know there are more missing states but since I asked first, can you please consider adding Massachusetts as a favor, thank you. Can you also consider adding more questions to the test? and please later in the future add video examples of signs and roads and what they mean. If there is one single thing I like about this app. I would say it is the Testing, please keep this testing but make another with more new questions/answers.


2 July 2013


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