Dscope NMBus Mobile

HIPAA ready, secure cloud storage for all your medical media in an intuitive interface that organizes files by patient and encounter date. No longer will you have to sift through DVDs or folders on your computer to find patient images or videos. Create patient accounts and import media files, files will automatically upload to the Microsoft Azure secure cloud and be available for viewing on your windows device at anytime from anywhere. The D-Scope NMbus App can also be used with the D-Scope® Systems (www.dscopesystems.com) media acquisition and archival products to enable enhanced features, including integration with an organization’s Electronic Health Record platform and extension of the media archive to support tagging/metadata and annotation for advanced outcomes analysis and reporting. Tiered storage options ensure maximum scalability and cost effective growth in line with your clinical needs. Note: This is the Beta release of D-Scope NMbus Mobile, future updates will include outcomes analytics, diagnostic tagging and recording functionality for mobile cameras and external USB medical cameras, currently available for clients with the D-Scope Workstation & Server.