Dubstep Dubpad (skrillex like)

Creating Dubstep has never been easier than with this app! Experience epic wobbles & massive bass drops to impress your friends & family. Dubstep Mini DubPad allows you to compose live powerful dub-step beats by simply touching 45 different colorful pads. For utmost chaos listen to 11 different sounds at once. The 45 unique sounds include: baselines, drum loops, one shots, sound fx & synths which are nicely labeled on the pads. Enjoy a fantastic auto loop feature that frees you from having to push too many buttons at once, allowing you to focus on your music. Another amazing feature is a convenient color-organization method; great for mental ease & creative expression. It's as easy as holding a button and then simply pressing the pad that you'd like to change. Look up & enjoy " Dubstep DubPad2 " for a whole new world of dubstep madness. A quick technical comment for anyone struggling to produce sound: Please check your MUTE* button to see if it is in the correct position. (*the button on your phone above your volume controls) We hope that you will check out our other apps in the store. Email us with any comments: fusionaffect@yahoo.com


  • Easy to use
  • Color coding option available
  • Amazing sounds