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    What’s new: • Enhanced expense report functionality • Now connects to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

Dynamics AX 2012 Expenses

Create and manage expense reports in the Dynamics AX 2012 Expenses app in conjunction with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


  • View the list of expense reports or unreconciled expenses.
  • Create a new expense report
  • View expense reports
  • Add expenses and receipts to expense reports.
  • Edit expenses to provided details about an expense.
  • Submit expense reports for approval.

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24 May 2016

The name of this app from the store is "Dynamics AX 2012 Expenses", but when you install it on your PC its name is abbreviated to only "Expenses", but when you open it, its name is "Microsoft Dynamics". It is also not intuitive and sometimes requires to be uninstalled then reinstalled to clear some app cache otherwise you'd continue to get errors visualizing your previous reports and unreconciled expenses. Needs huge improvements from the UI and the accidental click out of the context menu. If you are in a context menu and filling your information, if by chance you click outside then you lose all what you have written so far!


22 December 2015

UI is not intuitive. Through the workflow your eyes have to keep jumping left and right. Tiring!


1 December 2015

not providing enough guidance on how to resolve unreconciled expenses, no menu items, no help


4 August 2015

I can't believe we even put this rubbish out! Its opening another person's page so I can see her team's expense reports and approvals... that can't be compliant!!!! Take this down and replace with something that works


6 July 2015

User interface and user flow is not intuitive to me. It's hard for me to copy & paste multiple values from past expenses into new expense reports (such as cost center, approver alias, interim approver alias).


15 June 2015

Rather easy to use but Windows 8 Modern UI style is a bit strange for this kind of app if comparing it to earlier reporting tools, which were web based and much more like filling some paper form. Build in possibility to use web camera to scan receipts is nice idea.


5 June 2015

How do I print my submitted expense report? Workflow is challenging in some areas, not the flow I expected. Interface is designed to be easy to use with the convenient tiles. I'm used to the Windows 7 GUI, so this Windows 8 interface takes some getting use to. I suspect Windows 10 will normalize this a great deal.


4 June 2015

I have no understanding of why people would rate this app poorly. It is perfect for submitting expenses and SO MUCH BETTER that the web experience. I now no longer dread doing my expense reports. The auto connection to my Amex unreconciled charges streamlines expense submission. I can snap a picture, attach it from OneDrive of my receipts and off it goes. Thanx for the good work. Please keep it coming.


1 June 2015

This gets me nowhere???


26 May 2015

Talk about a step down from the old app. Add to that the fact that the link to the FAQ and user guide is broken on the page describing the new tool and the fact that it asks you to identify the 'service connection' with no explanation of what a service connect is when you try to log on over VPN and its pretty much unusable.

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