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    Version Features • New account category management tools that make it easy to create and manage your account categories. • Budgeting is greatly enhanced. • Accounts are now easily grouped by Personal, Business, Income, Expense or other types. • Simple interactive Profit and Loss page lets you easily compare your expenses and income. • Interactive cash flow page. • New map based trip review page. • Latest 2015 IRS mileage rates are now included. • Waypoint editor is all new. See all your Waypoints on a map including distances between Waypoints, trips and miles recorded by each Waypoint. • Added Mojio Connected Car functionality Upgrade product • Radar. See all your connected vehicles on a moving map in real time. • Reconcile. Import any past recorded information directly into Easy Expense Tracker. • Users. Manager your Mojio account. • Garage. See additional information for Mojio connected vehicles. • Waypoints. Automatically creates new waypoints in your database for every address that every connected vehicle visits. • New, easy to use backup and restore database functionality screens. • Exporting Fiscal year data as archived data has a new easy to use screen. • Importing Fiscal year archives has a new easy to use screen. • Import data from external sources. Bug Fixes • All user reported issues have been fixed.

Easy Expense Tracker

Easy Expense Tracker is a heavy-duty, standalone expense tracking system. It is not an accounting program, but it is a tech-integrated record management system that makes accounting and tax preparation so much easier. Yes, you can use it to manually enter your mileage and receipt expenses, one record entry at a time. But now there’s an easier way. Use EET on your PC or tablet and its companion apps, Easy Receipt Log and Easy Auto Log on your phone. You can set up the apps so that literally when you walk in the door, the receipt and mileage records pop into Easy Expense Tracker—all by themselves. Each record (with its tax details and a receipt/map image) automatically files into its fiscal year, ready for additional editing, management, or reporting. Instant data entry. Instant tax documentation! No more missed tax deductions or unclaimed reimbursements due to forgotten or lost receipts or mileage records. A REAL APP FOR REAL LIFE. Tax prep stress? Have a shoebox full of receipts? Digitize your paper receipts and accounting entries are a breeze—and even easier if you start the process using Easy Receipt Log. Corporate road warrior? Use the phone apps to start managing trip expenses on the road, in real time, to reduce expense report pain! Is your car connected with Mojio? The EET Mojio Upgrade adds a Radar screen, a dynamic map that shows you exactly where each of your Mojio vehicles are and each vehicle status. Use the Reconcile Mojio feature to flag any missed mileage entries—it’s a back-up for that time you forgot to turn on your phone to track your mileage with Easy Auto Log. Download the app and try it out—experience full app functionality for FREE for the first 50 records you create. You’ll know by then it’s an app that can make your life easier and well worth the Pro Upgrade to continue using it. Talk to your accountant about it!


  • EASY. So you use it. Get organized, stay organized, go digital. No more receipts in shoeboxes or file folders. No misplaced trip logs. No lost or forgotten expenses or reimbursements.
  • FAST. Type less, use custom drop down menus. Create them once, they update automatically on your NextWave phone apps. Keeps all apps speaking the same ‘language’.
  • INTEGRATED CURRENCY CONVERTERS. Set your default currency. New records in foreign currency log that day’s rate and convert it automatically! Get current rate with a click or enter a new rate.
  • AUTOMATIC SYNC. Using NextWave phone apps and connected to your LAN? Records upload automatically are waiting for you
  • FLEXIBLE. Use the app as is or match it to your corporate, business, or personal reports. Track only what you need.
  • LOCAL. No Internet required. No Cloud service fees. Buy the app once, done! FREE UPDATES!
  • SECURE. YOU control your data. Communication stays within your LAN.
  • EXPORT your data to Excel, your EET files to your favorite storage device, or print standard reports (included).
  • TAX RECORDS. Now you’ve got them! Documented, sorted, and ready.
  • CLOUD SYNC: synchronize your phone data using cloud storage
  • PHOTO IMPORT: import receipt photos from your phone or any other source to capture receipts
  • NO CLOUD SERVICE FEES. Buy the app once, done! FREE UPDATES!
  • IMPORT CSV: import information from any source: Banks, Credit Cards, App Stores, etc.

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16 April 2015

"Free" version allows for 20 records. And then must pay 19.99 for full version to continue to use. I have deleted without trying and wish the description was more clear on what was available in the Free version


27 January 2015

Downloaded on my Windows 8.1 PC to use for my small business and personal use and when I open it, it promptly crashes! Would be great if I could use it as it appears that its suppose to do everything I need, but hard to tell when it won't even open, only crashes!


13 January 2015

I had a problem installing this application where it would not open. The company's contact us page resulted in an email within a few hours even though it was the holidays and very late at night. If you get service like this with a free app you know you are dealing with a great company.


14 September 2014

Used phone app on my shoebox of receipts, just entered amount and changed foreign currency when needed. The records automatically transferred to Easy Expense Tracker no problem and it was easy to add a few more details. I change fiscal year for tax reporting (AU vs. US), the records resort. Great addition to my existing accounting system, useful for my client billing documentation.