Transform the way you create, share, and view files with eBriefing. **eBook of the Month** New additions for the month of May! • Federal Acquisition Regulations manual • NAICS manual eBriefing for Windows seamlessly combines documents and photos into an eBook format, which can be viewed, marked-up, and shared to other mobile devices. Aggregate content from multiple file storage applications (Google Drive, SharePoint, Box, etc.) or combine 20+ file types (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDFs) into one cohesive file. With eBriefing, you no longer have to worry about creating and managing large binders or bookshelves full of documents for: • Staff briefings and reports • Student training materials • Field work manuals • Client and team paperwork


  • Centralize mission critical documents from various sources
  • Convert over 20 document types into one high quality file
  • Use quick-links to quickly navigate within large documents
  • Customize at the Table of Contents and Chapter levels
  • Share large files through your personal library
  • Create library notifications for new or updated files
  • Access your files offline
  • Annotate, bookmark, and search within your documents
  • Print or share page mark-ups and notes with others
  • Enable file-level encryption and security controls
  • Integrate files from multiple storage providers (i.e., GoogleDocs, SharePoint, Box, BlackBoard, etc.)

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31 October 2014

Like the app a lot and certainly see a use for Enterprises.


9 May 2013

I am glad to be able to download such an application.


23 April 2013

we all as cittenzs of this of this country I believe should stand on up to help to protect this great nation thank you


9 February 2013

very cool app to deliver secure books


17 January 2013

Executive and management applicable