"ELECOM QR Tools" is a QR code utility application in which one can read, create, and manage the history of QR codes.


  • Recognizes QR codes from URLs, address books, and text files.
  • Recognizes JAN codes.
  • Possible to display web pages from recognized URLs on the spot and immediately check those web pages.
  • Registers recognized contact addresses in address books.
  • Creates and saves QR codes.
  • Saves scanned or created QR codes in the history. Afterward, these can be checked and scanned.
  • Has a sharing function in which the application can be accessed from other applications and QR codes can be created.

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16 April 2015

Reads and generates QRs. Scans automatically without having to push a shutter button. Loads web page automatically. Keeps a history of what you've scanned so you can review later


7 December 2014

Won't work


24 October 2014

All of the other ones I have tried to download never worked like this app


8 July 2014

Downloaded and tried to scan QR codes but app does not function. Thumbs down.


19 February 2014

It worked well. It allowed me to finally pair my computer with a smart TV via a QR code link.


21 January 2014

I used it to scan a link to a link to a website and it worked like a charm.


25 October 2013

It doesn't work.


28 August 2013

On my Surface RT it will only use the small camera on the front. This makes it really hard to use since you have to hold the QR code in front of the screen, so you it is difficult to see what the camera is pointing at. It would be nice if you could switch to the back camera.


25 June 2013

I tried numerous QR codes and it would not scan.