Elements Periodic Table

Elements Periodic Table - the periodic table with the most complete information on the windows store. This application is capable of running without internet so you can have the information handy everywhere you go. Moreover the user interface is neatly displayed to allow you to get the most out of the information. For each element you will have Basic information like: symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, melting point in Celsius and Kelvin, boiling point in Celsius and Kelvin, number of protons and electrons, classification, crystal structure, density, color Atomic Structure: graphic representation and energy level information Isotopes information: isotopes and half life Facts: date of discovery, discoverer, name origin, uses, obtained from This application does not share personal information with third parties nor does it store any information about you. This privacy policy is subject to change without notice and was last updated on August 2013. If you have any questions feel free to contact me directly at grapesupport@outlook.com


  • complete information
  • elements basic information
  • atomic structure
  • isotopes information
  • facts

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16 June 2013

Once again an amazing app with great information, used it on my chemistry project and it helped a lot! Thanks!