Escape Commando: Killer War

A deadly battle has started in a border. Escape Commando: Killer War is free action game in a village near the border that is attacked by the enemies. The huts in the village are covered in dense trees. Your army General have been residing in a hidden village that the enemies have spotted. Enemy commander has sent an air strike on this place. You have been assigned a mission to buy some time for your army General by shooting down the attacker enemies and let the General escape in peace. Escape Commando: Killer War Free features F16 air crafts and helicopters that have been sent to your place. F16 jet fighters and choppers will be targeting you. They want you and your commander dead. You must keep yourself alive and shoot them down. In Escape Commando: Killer War Free the player is equipped with a heavy rocket launcher to bring down enemy air crafts. The heavy metal rocket launcher is also equipped with scope for zooming and convenient viewing. You radar navigation system will assist you in locating and spotting your enemies and their movements. Escape Commando: Killer War Free offers multiple challenging levels. Each level with a different difficulty and action spot from where you have to shoot. We will place you in a hidden spot among the trees with a rocket launcher from where you can start shooting you armed military rivals and targets. The game offers a store for buying ammo and health packs with the help of the score you earn during your game. The more ammo and health pack you keep the better chances are of your success in the battle. More sure you have enough of them before you start playing the mission. Whenever your health fall down you can use the med kits. The game is challenging and graphics are cool. Action music is fabulous. Spot your rivals with great care and do not let them win this battle. You are a brave soldier and glory is essential. Take your weapon, win this battle and make your army proud. We hope you will like and enjoy this killer war of a commando. Thank you. Escape Commando: Killer War features -Heavy military weapon (Rocket launcher) -F16 jet fighters and choppers -Buy ammo and med kits -Easy to use controls How to play: -Use mouse to aim and shoot -Swipe controls to aim -Shoot buttons to hit the targets