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  • Published by: John Hazen ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This update addresses several problems with the app running on Windows 8.1. I have also improved the column layout, along with search, ensuring it is usable regardless of how small or large the window is.

ESV Bible Online

The ESV Bible Online is a Bible reading app specifically for the English Standard Version of The Holy Bible. The app supports full-text search, the sharing charm, and will remember your place, even if you open the app on another computer. This app requires an Internet connection at all times, which is in accordance with the license terms for the ESV Web Service API provided by Crossway Publishing.


  • Full Text of the ESV Bible, accessed online
  • Ability to search by individual words and phrases
  • Different color schemes for bright or dim environments
  • Easy to copy selections with the verse reference appended
  • Easy to share passages through the Windows Share charm

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15 June 2016

cannot get it after downloading it


26 July 2015

Very Slow...need to be able to use offline


19 July 2015

Used to work well, but now crashes on my Windows 8.1 machine.


1 March 2015

It was great to see some new support for this app. I love this app for many reasons - the fact that it's ESV, free, no ads, very nice book and chapter index, and basically just fantastic in every way. Thanks so much for making this.


12 January 2015

Nice flow of pages (when it doesn't freeze, which happens often - lost a star there), feels really comfortable reading it. Great options for font sizes and colors. Beautifully made. Lost another star for requiring internet connection. Found a typo on book selection section (the one where each book has a different sectional color): "Duet" for Deuteronomy...


15 October 2014

Tried several times to load and will not. Is there a fix?


16 September 2014

This is a wonderful app! However, it would be really nice if there were ways to make notes and a way to bookmark pages. If these features were created, I wouldn't mind paying for it.


12 July 2014

Occasionally when using while connected to Wifi, entire chapters are missing and on my Surface Pro (original) I cannot finger swipe beyond a certain point and even pointing to another book using the menu works inconsistently. In short, you would swear a book is missing chapters when in fact, the app is simply NOT LETTING YOU ACCESS THEM.


9 July 2014

as others have mentioned, the layout is really good. I really like the ESV translation. It just needs offline support. For most people, I assume they don't have wifi available at their church. Please add offline support.


5 May 2014

this app wont even load on my desktop so I can use it.

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