Extreme RC Speed Boat Stunts

Experience the thrill of Extreme RC Speed Boat Stunts. Feel the adventure of high-speed boat races. Be the reckless driver, race around the arena in the ruthless world of speedboat racing. Show your style to pilot on the waves, be the hottest driver on the water. Experience the pure arcade racing thrill. Show your stunts. Blast, jump, turn around and boost your way through high-speed showdowns.
 Enjoy drag racing.
 With the realistic wave effects, feel the high-speed racing thrill. Gaze. Drive to be the fastest driver around. It’s a paradise for speedboat drivers. Race your hydroplane powerboat to test your Powerboat Racing skills now! Enjoy ultimate motorboat racing game. It combines excellent visuals and sound with stunning gameplay and head-to-head multi-player competition to create a new type of hydroplane racing experience. This Extreme RC Speedboat Stunts is like a powerboat racer that offers an exhilarating mix of wild stunts and intense challenge. As you race through hairpin turns and obstacles at breakneck speeds on lakes and rivers, you’ll find yourself struggle to retain control and reach the finish line in record time. Enter the perfect zone of speedboat racing. Slide turbo-speed, dodge and drift through the traps and obstacles to escape till the end. An over-the-top action-sports game featuring a unique free-movement system that allows you to take control of the action and perform true skill-based special moves. How daring can you be? Beat a friend's record; complete the extreme missions to unlock achievements. Extreme RC Speed Boat Stunts is fully loaded with fun for everyone! Feel the thrill of high-speed boat races. Race around exotic locations, feel the high-speed racing thrill and become the best pilot on the waves. EXPERIENCE the pure arcade-racing thrill: blast, jump and boost your way through high-speed showdowns. There’s no better water scooter game on playstore than this. Forget about the boring parking games, Play Speedboat racing game. Get on the fastest and wildest RC speedboat thrill ride experience with huge air jumps! Rocket your way down the water, dodge the traffic like you pilot your turbo jetski water craft to find the ramps and go for massive air stunts! Tap for a huge air jump! You'll find this game with the best combination of speed boat simulation & racing game! Try out this water adventure game and have fun racing!


  • Exciting water adventure game levels with different stunts to perform and complete
  • Cool Speed boats to ride
  • Get additional points for being timely
  • Outstanding controls for steering and riding the speed boat

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