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ezPDF Reader, has been known for the best selling PDF viewer and annotator for Android for the last 3 years. Now we are stepping our feet inside the Windows Store. It is a quite early stage of our long journey to meet up with the features in Android and iOS versions. Please be patient with our developments. ● File Managements Browse PDF files from PC Take a photo and convert it to PDF Convert an image to PDF Display recently opened PDF files, Option to clear the list Save as another file ● View PDF Single page view with sideway scroll Continuous vertical scroll Thumbnail view and page navigation Support links to other page and hyperlinks ● Other Features Text search with highlighted results Outline (Table of contents) Go to a specific page with its page number Undo page navigation Select a text and copy it to clipboard ● Annotation Features Highlight, Underline and Strikeout a selected text Add a comment with a sticky-note Draw a rectangle and oval shape All annotations can assign a subject, author and color properties. Please send your comments, reviews, bug reports, suggestions, and other business inquiries to info(at)unidocs.com twitter.com/ezpdf facebook.com/ezpdf

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25 January 2016

This is a very basic reader. You can't choose a larger font or magnify the view, so you'd better have good vision if you download this ap. Neither can you save your place and return to there when you close a document and reopen it later. The only good features this reader has: you can search on a word; you can choose continuous and use the mouse-wheel to scroll through the document to keep from having to manually turn the page with a mouse click; and it is a small ap, so it doesn't take much room on the hard-drive.


16 July 2015

The app works fine and has some useful features. I am disappointed that it doesn't have the features of the Android version.


31 May 2015

I've been a happy user of the Android version for almost 3 years. The Windows version is nice, but missing some of my favorite features still, but is much more enjoyable than the built in Reader app!


9 April 2015

I love the Android version for its Voice Reading and annotation features. Hoping to get those features on Windows soon...


8 April 2015

Awesome reader. Please add the ability to write on pdfs like on Android.


8 February 2015

I love the ez PDF reader on the android....I just put it on my surface pro 3. Love it but I wish you would update it so it also has a bookshelf like the android.... please consider putting one for the windows 8


20 December 2014

that searching is fast, but it can not handle large files appropriately, still needs to be improved


28 November 2014

I loved the android version. Night time view and 2 page viewing would be awesome to have. Other than that, nice clean app. Very easy on the eyes. Keep it up!


14 August 2014

Love this app on the Android.. its awesome.. Im giving it a three star cause I know its potential. Hoping that it will reach it soon.. so far though.. this is better than the builtin


6 July 2014

Good app. Needs to be updated to match the Android version.

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