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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Ver. Updated Ad SDK Ver. #372: No more error message when CD / DVD is removed from device and path of a tab still points to that drive Ver. AppBar Seperator Style adjusted #341: Copy path of focused item to clipboard and show the copied path in lower left corner; #348: Active index immediately changed when opening active tab selection (Ctrl+Tab); #350: Close ButtonAppBar when "Same Path" was pressed; #352: Changed TextTrimming from WordEllipsis to CharacterEllipsis; Ver. Name changed to Factory File Manager Ver. Fixed item #328 - ad control received focus when tab key was pressed; Current date & time is displayed in lower right corner Ver. Fixed item #324 - app crashed when clicking the rename button and then a different item while renaming an item Ver. Fixed item #322 - app might crash when renaming / copying / moving single item on machines with US region settings; uninstall and re-install might be required for this fix to take effect Ver. Fixed item #320 - going up / down one level in one list scrolls unfocused list to top

Factory File Manager

Factory File Manager is a side by side file management app. Multiple tabs can be created to manage different file locations within the same app. Of course, copy, move, delete, permanent delete, and rename are supported. Folders can be created too. Strong keyboard support is integrated to be highly productive. The Factory File Manager monitors changes of folder content in the background and automatically updates the view.


  • Side by side file management (dual pane)
  • Mutiple tabs
  • Background monitoring of folder content changes
  • Copy, move, rename, delete, permanent delete of files and folders
  • Folder creation
  • Copy path of focused item to clipboard
  • Keyboard, mouse, and touch support
  • Launch files
  • Strong keyboard support for higher productivity
  • Focus items when typing
  • Shows current date & time
  • Drag'n Drop supported