Farm Deadly Rooster Fighting Tiger

Have you ever experience one of the best rooster fighting games with awesome cartonic cock fighter simulator 3D action game.You need to fight against enemy cock to kill him with the ufc trained rooster simulator.Rooster(cock)fighting games were never too exciting. So, run madly in the farm where there is a match of cocks which are the best fighter with enemies enemies in Farm rooster fight. you should beat the enemies gallo in this cock fighter game. there is a tournament of rooster fighting in village. you have best rooster to fight with the other roaster. the hero rooster is fully animated have jump and attack animation to beat the other roosters. Many people are there to see the performance of your cocorico. there are lot of huhn cluck sonidos to excitement of fight. Big cartonic cock is waiting for the hero to attack him. But your rooster is hero of whole area has a maximum cockfight power in this action and fighting game.Other gallo looks like iga but in real they are tegal fowl. In this liberal fighting game you will enjoy very much when attack on other roosters. Your mission is to fight for your best famous rooster life with his special mortal combat fighting skills, should be prepared for the deadly fight against enemies. Your kungfo has a respect for you. You need to encouraged him when fighting. This gallo fighters is a real joy for those who love playing chicken fighting games. We promise you to take into an epic journey of cock fight in one of the most modern saigon simulator games. So hurry up and download the free farm rooster fighting game..


  • Cartonic rooster fight
  • Real 3d Action of roaster