Farm Puzzle

A farm puzzle game for toddlers. Drag and drop the farm animals to the correct locations on the screen.


  • Multiple puzzles with quality illustrations
  • Easy to use interface is suitable for toddlers

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10 July 2016

It only has the same puzzle over and over again so I think it is dumb


31 December 2013

I like that the farm animals look right even though they are still cartoons, some toddler games they are too cartoony. Helpful for kids to recognize them.


5 October 2013

It's like a demo, just the first few puzzles are free. I was considering buying it but the lack of transparency made me change my mind. It could be improved with maybe the name of the animals said when a child put a piece correctly (multi language option would be nice), the background color could also be less in your face. Finally, it could be expanded with other themes... jungle animal, the city etc... could be a fantastic product.


19 March 2013

lame and very slow response times


13 January 2013

Doesn't handle accidental multi touch well at all, needs work on left shape placement to help protect from accidental left edge swipe, crashed once otherwise not bad