Fast Food Nutrition Guide

Keep it right, Save your health As the portion of us considered overweight or obese continues to grow, pundits attribute our expanding waistlines to a number of culprits. While there exists no singular true cause--a number of contributing factors exist--fast food has garnered much attention within the heated debate. So we will help you here to find a balanced fast food meal, we will provide you the "Fat, Calories, Sugar, sodium, carbohydrates, cholesterol, Protein" of most of fast food meals. just navigate to the restraunt or to the meal you want and find its information. This application is developed by: Samah Seddeik Application Factory developer Microsoft Egypt Internship program - DPE department.


  • provide calories for users to test his food
  • help the user to keep his health

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7 March 2013

Very few foods, poor identification of items


4 January 2013

there's barely any information in this app. and it doesn't look very well put together. pass on this one.


22 December 2012

There were only a few restaurants to pick from and only a few items on each of their menus... and what there was certainly wasn't the healthiest options even in the limited selections. I literally sat and stared and tried to figure out what good to get from it. I didn't find any.


2 December 2012

Very Nice app, and it's so so healthy