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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Fixed a problem loading bitonal images specific to the Tegra 3 (original Surface RT) Sped up PNG and TIFF decoding Added preliminary support for TIFF C*I*E*Lab images

Fast Image Viewer

FIV allows you to view a wide range of image files on your Windows device. It is designed to load images quickly and efficiently even on less powerful devices. It can be used by opening a file outside of FIV that has set its default viewer to be FIV or from the file picker within FIV. FIV can be used to view photos, engineering drawings, medical images and more, but its main focus is on viewing images that other viewers find difficult: large bitonal images, multi-page and 'complicated' TIFF files, and legacy formats. It can view photos, well logs, DICOM medical images, FAX files and more. FIV can display detailed EXIF information about photos and show points on a map where the photo was taken. It also supports animated files (GIF, FLI, FLC, DICOM). The following formats are supported: JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, Targa, PBM/PGM/PPM, GIF, PCX, DCX, FAX, DICOM, JEDMICS, CALS, AWD, FLI/FLC, IOCA/MODCA, PDF (limited to images), LaserFICHE, Fortis


  • Quickly view a wide variety of popular and legacy image formats
  • Save image files in variety of formats (TIFF, PDF, PNG, JPEG or BMP)
  • Display detailed information about an image (including EXIF photographic tags)
  • Access a folder's worth of images quickly with a thumbnail strip
  • Display animated GIF/FLI/FLC/DICOM files
  • Open gigantic bilevel images (e.g. engineering drawings, well logs) quickly and with very little RAM needed
  • Familiar pinch-zoom and pan gestures for mouse, keyboard and touch input
  • Display a slideshow of all of the images in the current directory with transition effects
  • Crop, Resize, Rotate, flip, invert, downsample, despeckel and convert images
  • Show on a map where a photo was taken (for JPEG images containing GPS info)
  • Paste an image from the Windows clipboard
  • Convert a file (any type, 1 or more pages) as a PDF document and share it with other applications
  • Capture images from the camera or a scanner
  • Print documents to any supported printer

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28 May 2014

Please update the software or inform me how to avoid the document I'm viewing to not take up the entire screen. I would prefer to be able to treat the document as a normal window and be able to minimize it so I can see other windows as well. In the middle of working with the application it stopped allowing me to modify or rotate the picture. Not pleased with the program.


24 February 2014

FIV has a very nice touch interface and few issues. Viewing files from many formats and adding them to the touch interface has been a nice addition to the Surface RT environment. Thanks for the quality product.


8 February 2014

Pretty good app. Its only one that would display gifs well.