Fight 4 Freedom

”Fight 4 Freedom” is scrolling fighting action game. This game has two levels. You will defeat enemies by various special moves to clear all stages.There are various types of special moves such as lunge, ranged attack, counter-air attack and bombardment. Also, you can connect one attack with another technique to attack Foe incessantly.You should easily killed the few in different technique.In this game the volume's so good.This game is very attractive for every one. Feature::: This game is very amazing game. In this game the volume's very good. This game has two levels. This game is very attractive for children. How to play : Play via Tablet : - Use the Joystick for movement in 3D environment - Change the weapon through the arrow button - Pick the extra weapons and bullets through hand button - Target the enemy through swipe on screen Play via PC: - Use Left, right and forward arrow keys for movement - Use back arrow key for weapons change - Use right mouse button for sniper - Use left mouse button for firing - Use mouse cursor for aiming and looking


  • Amazing game
  • Good volume
  • Two levels
  • Attractive

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18 October 2015

Lord yes