FileCloud app allows users to access, share, sync their company files and documents from Windows 8 devices (Win8+ RT and Win8+ Pro). FileCloud is a #1 On-Premises File Storage, Mobile Access and Sync Solution for Businesses, Enterprises, Universities/Schools and Hosting Providers. FileCloud runs inside your own infrastructure and on your premises, so you control your data 100%. Install FileCloud on your server or with your trusted hosting partner, any way you want it. FileCloud also offers seamless mobile access to your existing network shares in your organization. Instantly make existing folder shares remotely accessible. With FileCloud you never need to worry about security, privacy and control of your company data and intellectual property. Using FileCloud now employees can get access to their files any time, from anywhere. One can instantly open documents, files and folders that are stored on their Enterprise FileCloud Installation. This app makes it super fast and easy for anyone to access and share company files and documents all from their portable convenient Win8+ device. ***** Key Features ***** * Remote File Access - Browse files and documents, download them locally, edit them and re-upload them back. * File Management - - Create new folders, delete files and folders, and explore your files from anywhere * Sharing - Share selected files, documents with colleagues and business partners in one click * Preview - Preview documents and PDFs. * Offline Access - Download files directly to your device and access it offline * App support - Open your downloaded files using other installed applications * File Versioning - Collaborate effectively using unlimited automatic file versioning Note: This app requires a FileCloud server to function. Your company may have provided one to you. Need your own on-premises cloud storage and sync solution? Get FileCloud!

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28 January 2014

Looking forward to trying the new service; will have more later!!

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