FileProtector password-protects your files for you. Lock up your private photos, sensitive personal documents, or other files inside the app, so no one can see or edit them without your password. NOTE: If you do a trial version of this app and choose not to purchase it, don't forget to unlock all your files before your trial runs out! If you don't, you may lose access to those files.


  • Supports any file type
  • Organize your protected files in folders
  • Create your own password to protect your files
  • Set up a password reminder email in case you forget your password

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22 April 2013

Bought and installed, Added files and now I can't access them. I type in my password and it says "Procesing files, Please wait..." for about 15 minutes and then force closes. Waste of money.


3 April 2013

Worked initially, but now won't open and I can't access my files at all!


24 February 2013

Trial expired in 3 days and had to pay for download or lose protected files. BEWARE!!!