FineReader Touch

ABBYY FineReader Touch is a client application for ABBYY FineReader Online, a cloud document recognition service which can convert images of documents in 42 different languages into editable and searchable formats. When you buy the application you get 5 bonus pages for document conversion on the ABBYY FineReader Online service. You can consider buying additional pages in the application or on the ABBYY FineReader Online website. To access the site please use the login and password you created when registering for ABBYY FineReader Touch. No matter how far you are from your office and PC, ABBYY FineReader Touch offers you document conversion with ultimate accuracy that places low demands on your device’s processor. Benefit from working with Microsoft cloud technologies and touch interface of Windows 8 together with worldwide famous ABBYY OCR technologies.


  • Capture documents on-the-go for immediate conversion
  • Automatic correction of source image noise and distortion
  • Variety of input image formats: JPG, PNG, PDF, TIFF and others
  • Merging multiple files to be recognized as one document
  • 42 OCR languages including the most popular European and Asian languages
  • Multilingual document conversion (up to 3 languages in one document)
  • Variety of saving formats: DOCX, XLSX, RTF, ODT, searchable PDF and others
  • Sending results to online file storage — Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive (via corresponding application)
  • Share converted documents with other Windows 8 apps, including Mail

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8 February 2014

First, because it's for free, I though it was another mediocre and somewhat a "handicraft" program. But it's not for free and this is good, because nothing is free. I converted the very first photo taken directly from my laptop, and it worked very well. Some people may say it doesn't convert to text losslessly, but I haven't seen any programs that do so perfectly. There're always manual adjustments needed, which is normal. It didn't only convert my pictures to text, but it kept the font, size, and so forth as they appeared in the original. Great. The cost of pages is affordable; although, there should be an option to buy the program completely.


22 January 2014



3 December 2013

This was a great OCR app. the pricing is reasonable for what you want to do. There should be a trial however to give new users a try at recognizing at least 1-5 pages.


28 March 2013

Horrible log in!!! Screen freezes and won't allow log in from any icons on the display. No web address published either in the settings or on the screen that's all locked up. Can't use the program without logging in. What a mess.


11 August 2012

Its good app for converting documents and pictures.But on slower PC it will take some time to convert pictures or some documents.