Finger Chart

Learn the flute fingering chart in a fun and interactive way! See which pads exactly you should press. Pin the most difficult fingerings to your start menu for one click access. Supports snapped view so you can for example have your notes sheet on the other side of the screen and fingering chart on the other. Use pinch zoom to jump quickly across the notes list!


  • Lists fingerings and also alternative fingerings from C1 to D#4
  • Pin the most important fingerings to your start menu
  • Pinch zoom for quick access across notes
  • Snapped view lets you have fingering chart on the side of the screen

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12 July 2014

F3 is wrong, see F#3 for the correct left hand fingering. Need to add all sharps and flats, not just the standard ones. I picture this as only listing the black keys on the piano, but that's not it. Like instead of just showing b flat, c, c# etc. it should show that the b flat fingering is also a#, c is also b#, c# is also d flat, etc. I haven't checked to see if there are any other fingering errors, I just happened to need to look up F3 and it didn't sound any different than E3 so I looked it up in a book for the correct fingering. I have fingering charts in books that don't cost anything and have more info, so I'd pass on this one.