Fire Truck Simulator 2015

**FREE download - Tons of content** **3D HD graphics – Realistic physics-based** -------------------------------------------------------------- Alert! Alert! Fire Truck Simulator 2015 is not a drill! Grab your helmet, tighten your seat belt and get ready to drive fast on resume missions! Bring your team to the fire zones and start throwing water to stop it! Use siren to make your way in Fire Truck Simulator 2015 through traffic jams, use shortcuts to gain time in the crowded cities of the game! This firefighter drives very fast. You have arrived to emergency? But it’s not over! Control the fire hose and extinguish them before they spread out in! Start as a Probationary Firefighter and progress through the missions to become a well respected Firefighter Chief. A firefighter’s life is full of dangers… Are you ready to step up to the task, rescue lives, do your duty in emergency? As a firefighter drive to the emergency. Drive the truck as firefighter in emergency situation to earn great rewards. Fire Truck Simulator 2015 features: Realistic Physics Play as Firefighter Use alarm system to beat traffic Drive fire trucks to emergency locations Rescue and save lives in this simulation Get to the emergency location in time through busy traffic in crowded city

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3 October 2015



28 September 2015

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