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  • Published by: Red Kite Games ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    THEME SWAPPING HAS ARRIVED! Do you fancy a change of scenery? Now you can swap between the classic theme and the Halloween theme, classic Switch or Skeleton Switch…you decide! NEW MYSTERY BOX PRIZES! Including unlimited cherries and double light orbs…how mysterious! Bug fixes and performance improvements. Red Kite Games are constantly working to improve your gaming experience.

Firefly Runner

Help Switch the courageous firefly run, fly, shoot and rescue his captured firefly friends. Firefly Runner is an action packed, free-running adventure set on the stunningly beautiful yet treacherous Firefly Island. Join Switch as he takes flight in search of treasured light orbs and magical keys. After lift-off avoid obstacles, collect cherries and perform acrobatic loop-de-loops to gain extra points. You will be flying towards higher and higher scores in no time! Challenge your reflexes by running, flying and firing your deadly slingshot to take out Switch’s insect foes like grumpy hornets, burping slugs and scuttling spiders. Always make sure to keep a watchful eye for those mischievous praying mantises or else their deadly traps are likely to catch you by surprise. ---GamesAid and SpecialEffect--- Red Kite Games are proudly supporting GamesAid and SpecialEffect with this game and make regular donations to both video games charities. For info on how playing and sharing Firefly Runner is making a difference, please visit our website: http://redkitegames.co.uk/game/firefly-runner/ ---More Information--- http://redkitegames.co.uk/ http://redkitegames.co.uk/game/firefly-runner/ Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedKiteGames Follow us on Twitter: @RedKiteGames **For the optimal experience we recommend closing other applications and/or restarting your device before playing this app for the first time.**


  • Run, fly and shoot through a stunningly beautiful rendered forest world.
  • Fun and charming 3D insect characters, including cute fireflies, grumpy hornets, burping slugs, scuttling spiders and mischievous praying mantises.
  • One touch gameplay that can be picked up instantly and is fun to master.
  • Perform acrobatic loop-de-loops to gain extra points.
  • Three diverse environments to explore; The Rolling Countryside, The Forbidden Forest and The Crystal Caves.
  • Time of day cycle going from day, to sunset then night, changing the heartbeat and mood of the game.
  • Unlock achievements and beat your best scores.
  • Can you collect all of the flight badges and unlock the many achievements to become the ultimate firefly?

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21 August 2015

Graphics are very creative and he is a cute little guy. Hard to get past the first level though...


3 January 2015

enjoyed the game so much I had to buy it


14 November 2014

Never better every single time I play this game. Honestly, you need to create more features for this. Thanks !!!


2 September 2014

The game behaves well on my PC (13.3" touchscreen) and the quality is admirable. Although the gameplay is nothing new, it does not get boring. I'd say the developers have done quite well with this one.


31 August 2014

Apps should support keyboard and mice input. Violates Store developer agreement and certification requirements. Unusable on non-touch devices.


29 August 2014

This is a neat little game. Very high quality. Only 4 star as it has a weird video glitch at scenery changes, like a flash. Doesn't hurt playability and I can't discount that it may be my tablet, Asus Vivotab Smart. But I highly recommend this game even for low end devices like man, pretty and fun.


28 August 2014

This is funny. My son love this game


8 July 2014

I don't really like how you cant upgrade your stuff like sling shot or speed and this games is to slow for me but I paid for it so ill keep it anywase


13 June 2014

really fun runner, no issues really. except 1, it could be developed for smoother gameplay on Intel Atom devices like Venue 8 Pro, ThinkPad 8 hope to see an update or 2 to address performance. also the game doesn't allow the titlebar or mouse to appear when we mouse to it, there is no easy way to quickly close/suspend/exit the app on traditional mouse/keyboard devices

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