Flick Soccer 3D

Flick Soccer 3D comes with some great soccer action for you. Experience the ultimate Soccer action come live on your screen. Game Objective: Game objective is to play through the career mode and become legendary soccer player, earn experience points and unlock other game modes. Game Modes • Career Mode: 1. Play: You can play from beginner to legendary. Level up by playing matches, scoring goals and earning xps. 2. Practice: Get the real feel before the action starts, practice as much as you want • Arcade Mode 1. Penalty: Play penalties and play for as much as you want unless you have missed 5 shots. You have to make high score in this mode 2. Free kick: You can play as much as you want unless you have missed 4 shots. You have to make high score in this mode as well. You can choose the positions manually. Obstacles are auto generated as per the player’s difficulty level in career mode Levels of Action There are 5 difficulty levels: •Amateur •Semi – Pro •Professional •World Class •Legendary Note: Earn more XP and unlock each level. Obstacles will be tougher as he climbs up the levels. Obstacles * Goal Keeper (Primary obstacle) * Defender (comes in higher levels) Collectables • Trophies, Coins and experience points – CAREER • Coins and score With realistic graphics and animation, this is surely a great game for any soccer fan.


  • Performance Improved
  • Bugs fixed.

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28 April 2015

cum se deschide jocul???????????


12 January 2014

how do I uninstall


7 January 2014

I have been looking for this sort of easy to play, conceptually challenging, and graphically appealing football (soccer) app for a long time! Fantastic! You must get it! Best of all it is free!


3 January 2014

I installed this game and its not in my pc menu were is it anyone?


23 December 2013

Its very good game for every one I like this game very much , its very nick game


19 December 2013

it's so superb than mobile version I love this game


17 December 2013

Great Game! Best Football App Ever!😊