Flip Boom Lite

Discover your creative touch for FREE. With Flip Boom Lite, you can try some of the features of the full version—Flip Boom Draw—for Free. • Doodle, scribble and animate with your fingertips. • Try some of the full version's creative tools that will make your drawings come to life!


  • New! Try some of the clip art images available in Flip Boom Draw that make it easy to create.
  • Now for a limited time you can test the camera feature. Take photos and add fun cartoons to them.
  • Learn how to animate quickly and easily with the new interface

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11 January 2016

You can create animation with this software but you have to have a good skill on art and imagination for next frame and you need to art all 24 frame(minimum fps) for just one second video. Overall this is a free software and have many tool. So have fun.


10 May 2015



7 May 2015

It seems the developer has given up on this app judging by the number of comments complaining about it & from the looks of it the paid version isn't any better. I tapped on the paint bucket, it worked once & now it won't unclick & just says I have to purchase to use more items. Wish they would've fixed it before abandoning it, seems like it would've been a fun app.


20 August 2014

Not that good. Very limited features.


25 January 2014

No instructions, hard to use, and parts that don't match.


6 May 2013

Great app. I like all the colors it has, and that you can duplicate the scene and change the speed, which I think any animation app should do, but I wish you could export it as a gif or other video file like WMV. so if they don't have the app, they can see it.


10 April 2013

My 7 year old loves this, sketching up fun little cartoons. I will be upgrading!


26 February 2013

ToonBoom created a great windows 8 version of flip boom, look to this first before going to unknowns.


5 November 2012

Wishing it had a few extras, but certainly enjoyable as-is.


27 October 2012

Works good on my Lenovo S10 3-t 😊