Forest Crow Hunting

Defend yourself and your maize crop from the crows! Shoot the crows that are destroying the crop before they can fly over and destroy the harvest, it's challenging, even crows are challenging, shoot them to beat them. It’s a good shooting game challenging your speed and accuracy . A fun game that requires skill and patience in which you will have to take aim and shoot with absolute accuracy to hunt down the birds that will otherwise fly away. You may not become an expert hunter in the very first attempt but do not give up because you will improve with practice. How to Play on Tablets: - Tap the fire button on the screen to shoot - Use the zoom button to use the rifle mounted telescope for a better view How to Play on PC: - Use the left mouse button for firing - Use the right mouse button for sniper view - Use the mouse cursor to aiming on enemies


  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Addicting and tense-driven game of skill
  • Incredibly detailed bird animations and actions
  • Realistic hunting environments
  • Addicting and tense-driven game of skill