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**The UnOfficial Imgur App!** Imgur app is guaranteed to bring happiness, joy, laughter and a tingling sensation to your nether regions. And it's FREE! View all of the images that are on the whether they have the highest scoring, the most viral, etc. Here's what you can expect: - All the latest posts from Imgur - Most popular galleries - Live Tiles Management - View Comments!! - Share links with your friends - FlipView on Images - Navigate with Keyboard - Quick Search


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29 November 2014

Won't let me see title, comments, or the other pictures in the gallery. :(


24 June 2014

I wish I could watch the gifs and log into my account.


8 June 2014

It lacks basic fucions. Doesn't support windows 8 share function.


5 March 2014

The search functionality doesn't work.


1 February 2014

Just okay. Android version is more functional.


30 January 2014

This is a bare bones Imgur viewer. As far as I can tell, there's no way to change gallery context or view options. There is potential here but this app needs a lot of work. At least it doesn't crash.


5 January 2014

Needs to be able to load / play animated gifs


27 December 2013

I like the layout but there is no way to log in? Not that I can easily see at least...


16 December 2013

I can't read the entire title on some images in this app. Also none of the gifs are playing


14 December 2013

If this is supposed to be just a viewer okay, but you cannot create an Imgur viewer without supporting animated GIFs or the ability to log into your own IMGUR account. The settings are wasted showing only a single option and no optional keyboard support for navigation. Others have noted that it doesn't support upload, which of course makes sense since you cannot log in.

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