Frodo is a Commodore 64 emulator for Windows 8 and RT. Commodore 64 was most successful home computers of the 80s. Now you can enjoy it's games and other content on your favourite Windows device! Please read usage instructions at support page:


  • Play Commodore 64 games
  • Support for virtual touch controls and keyboard input

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25 May 2014

Asides from an incessant sound that starts up every time with the app, the roms are not loading.


8 May 2014

It has no keyboard with all the commodore specific keys and doesn't honor the shift key on a real keyboard.


1 March 2014

Its so easy to make it say like hi world though it would be nice to be able to save it though! plz add save


31 December 2013

Some games don't work, and the keyboard is missing some translations... The "=" key and the shift-key translations of the letter keys don't work. I was showing my son how I learned programming, and I can't even write a program with a for-next loop. :( It would be better if the onscreen keyboard was more like the C64 keyboard instead of using the Windows keyboard.


23 November 2013

I was so happy to see a C64 emulator for my Surface RT. It worked with all the games I tried. Sound is a little choppy, the UI is a little clunky, and there aren't many configuration options. But it works and I had fun playing with my old games. Good early effort and I hope to see further improvements.


18 November 2013

Controls need work if you have wp8 wp c64 emulator is really good.


5 August 2013

Thanks! Would love to see drag support on joystick, and after I mount disk and type in load"*",8,1 the computer reset with out the option type run ):


15 March 2013

Awesome having some old school games on the surface. Wouldn't mind a load and run option on disk mount, load "*",8,1 ... run gets old on virtual keyboard. Also, any chance for a virtual keyboard popup button in the bottom tray, for start menu options before game runs.


11 March 2013

Pretty cool app. Fun playing the games from my youth. Needs some instructions in the help section as it is a little confusing to use at first. Also, keyboard support is spotty. Five stars if keyboard problems are worked out.