Fun Spa Day With Daddy

Olivia and her Daddy have a fun spa day planned, come and join them! It is Olivia's birthday, and for her birthday she has asked for a spa day that ends with a makeover for daddy. While daddy's not really sure about the idea, he is willing to go on an adventure with his daughter. Olivia really wants her father to enjoy his spa day and makeover as best he can. He enjoys going on a new adventure, but this is something he will be doing for a first time. Oliviia's daddy is always busy with his job, so he barely has time for the both of them to spend time together. He has also got to get a better look after all the hard work he does. Olivia will give him a true beauty makeover that will make him look young again! Daddy's only day off will have to count, as the spa will offer plenty of fun spa day adventure activities such as: Spa decoration: Get the spa ready for the arrival of Olivia and her father. Spa dressup: Help change Olivia and Daddy into suitable clothes for the spa. Makeup: Give the actual spa treatment to Olivia and her father to give them a brand new look. Nail fixing: Cut their nails and finish off their makeover with a fresh coat of nail polish. We have to make the most of this wonderful spa day adventure, so make sure that every step is more fun than the last!