This application requires a Kinect for Windows v2 sensor. - Purchase a Kinect sensor: bit.ly/K4WSensor. - Make sure your system is compatible with the v2 sensor: http://aka.ms/kinectverifier. Fusion4D is an innovative 3D user interface that lets you interact with 3D objects, allowing you to move, rotate and scale the models and explode them into their parts. With many applications for education and sciences, Fusion4D is simple to learn and use: you can manipulate 3D objects using only your hands! Requires Kinect for Windows v2 and compatible hardware.


  • Manipulate models in 3D using the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and your body!
  • Multiple models in biology, engineering and geography. More coming soon!
  • Different views including support for 3D glasses (red/blue)
  • With the Magic Mirror, you can see yourself holding the model in the virtual world!