Game Sale Watcher

Game Sale Watcher can be used to search multiple online game stores (Steam, Origin, ...) for game sales and the application notifies of game sales with toast notification and live tile. Game sales can be compared and filtered using user specified currency. The user can specify game stores that will be monitored, maximum price, minimum discount percent and search words for accurate game sale notifications.


  • Notifies of new game discounts
  • Search game discounts
  • Compare prices in your local currency
  • Share game discount to your friends

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20 June 2014

easy to use, really helpful to find cheap games


4 June 2014

This is the first Windows App that gives you something you can't find on other devices. Game Sale Watcher leverages the fact that Windows games aren't limited to the app store. You could argue that apps like this are as good for the platform as they are for its users.