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  • Published by: Geronimo Games ?
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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English (United States) and 2 other languages ?
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    Change log: Version 3.0.1 - Fixed an issue that made the app crash Version 3.0 - New faster and stable streaming framework to display streams from Twitch.tv - Keep playing audio on background when leaving the app - Refresh buttons to refresh the list of streams/games - Several small bug fixes Version 2.3 - Notification when stream you follow goes online (only works when app is active) - Chat keeps connected while hidden - Audio level is maintained when switching streams - Several bug fixes Version 2.2 - More streaming stability improvements - Added settings to change default language, default stream quality and increased fontsize for chat - Added option for different languages. At this point English and Dutch are supported. More languages are comming in new releases. - Added an All Games browser to view all games available on Twitch.tv. - Ability to view a stream snapped to the side without chat Version 2.0. Our biggest update since the first release. We have listened to the community and tried to implement as much features as possible. - New UI for better navigation - Chat now shows emoticons and clickable URLs - Moderators are now visible with badges in chat - Bugfixes which improve stability Version 1.7 (23-2-2014) - Added volume controls - improved video stability - Fixed bugs that made the app crash

game streams

Gamestreams is the unofficial Twitch.tv client for Windows Gamestreams is not affiliated with Twitch.tv in any way and is made by fans who love Twitch. We wanted a native Windows app so we can watch Twitch on our devices. Since that wasn't available we made our own. Current version supports viewing streams of top viewed games, searching for streams and games, chat, follow streams, snapped view and background audio.


  • Watch streams of most popular games on Twitch.tv
  • List of featured streams
  • View streams in High quality (source quality)
  • Twitch.tv Chat support
  • Snapped view
  • Search for Games or streams
  • View online followed streams
  • Background Audio
  • Notifications for online followed streamers

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29 June 2016

I gave up watching twitch on my surface RT as the site would just hang in edge. This app has let me watch twitch again. Thanks devs!


11 June 2016

works great for streaming twitch on my tablet. refresh rate at 480p is very good even on crap internet connections like mine.


29 May 2016

I leik it boiiiii I dig dat


7 May 2016

perfect for watching games


24 April 2016

fixed twitch stuttering issues


23 March 2016

no bugs


22 March 2016

I had no problems with this app up until a few days ago, now the chat doesn't display messages, I get the message that says welcome to the chat room but I don't see any messages and when I try to chat, the broadcaster doesn't see my messages, please fix this bug or at the very least let me know if there something I can do to fix it and I will rate 5 stars


21 February 2016

Works fine for the most part, but video stops playing every time my tablet or laptop switches to a different wifi router. Since I live in a house with 3 routers, this happens a lot. The twitch website is not affected and the video plays without interruption there...


14 February 2016

It can handle 1080p60fps streams when chrome couldn't so that's all I need it to do


1 February 2016

Runs really smooth and in really good quality, definitely love it.

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