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    Lots of improvements. 1) Gamer Dice (GD) will now remember your dice even after exiting or on another machine. 2) Improved grouping and display of dice in groups. 3) Dice can be deleted by group instead of all at once. 4) GD allows you to name groups of dice. 5) You can use die expressions like "100d4" or "3d6+3" to create new groups.

Gamer Dice Free

Always have as many dice as you need with you all the time! Save time adding up all those results and make fewer mistakes! No more chasing runaway dice under the table and play with any colors you feel like without spending a fortune at the local gaming store! No more mixing up whose dice are who’s at the end of that long gaming night! Gamer Dice allows players to roll polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100), often used in Role Playing Games (RPGs) and other board games. Players may select the color of their dice and the totals of the rolls are grouped by color. All dice of a color may be rerolled together or individual dice may be rolled one at a time. This is the free version of Gamer Dice and is identical to the paid version except for the ads.


  • Play with as many dice as you like and keep track of them all.
  • Group dice into colorful groups for quick and easy totals.
  • Supports +/- modifiers to die groups.
  • Name groups of dice to quickly understand their meaning.
  • Enter die expressions like 100d4 or 3d6+2 to quickly create a set.

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16 August 2013

I love all the options I have with this app. I can make multiple dice groups and color code them for each player. Very fun and no dice knocking over all the game pieces


14 June 2013

It is a great dice roller but it need to save the dice configuration that the user has set up and there need to be a way to rearrange the dice because a person may not always add them in the right order. I would consider adding in a few setting so the user could turn off sound on the app, or save and load dice sets. This is a great all purpose dice roller.


5 December 2012

Good balance between saving groups and a nice graphical interface, set up your dice and you're good to play. Only problems I've seen is it clips off the groups you create after the first few, you can't save them between sessions, and any time you want to change one group you need to clear them all which is frustrating if you do 2 or 3 then mess up.


12 November 2012

Simple dice rolling program. Does what I need it to, and the price is right. It is ad supported, but I have not found them to be intrusive, they just display in a slim column on the right.


11 November 2012

不仅可以添加多个色子, 涂上不同颜色,而且可以用公式将色子的数字计算后输出。