Gang Bike Rider

Are you interested in bike riding on a road that contain a large number of other vehicles? Be a good bike rider Cross the vehicles very carefully and complete your job. Avoid colliding with any other vehicles. A number of coins are on the road, so take coin and increase your scores. So try to play this interesting game and not collide with those things that are beside the road such as trees,wall,barrier or other things. check your expertise in this game for bike controlling. How to Play on Windows Tablet: - Tilt your windows tablets device for left or right. - Tap on screen for the brake. - Take coins and boost up your speed - pause button is on the top left side of the screen - Booster button is on the right bottom side of the screen - Camera is on the top right side of the screen - Multiple views of camera How to Play on PC: - Use the arrows keys from keyboard to bike control - Press C key for Multiple views of camera - Use Space key for booster


  • Racing Bike
  • Other vehicles
  • Interesting track
  • Good UI