GBA8 is the most advanced Gameboy Advance emulator for Windows 8 and Windows RT. It's based on VBA8 authored by m.k.


  • Fast forward
  • Virtual touch controls
  • Keyboard input
  • Dpad/analogue stick
  • frame skip option
  • Refresh rate option
  • Save/load in-game state
  • Video/audio/input settings
  • Gameshark and CodeBreaker codes
  • Box 360 Controllers

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27 May 2015

This this is anti-user friendly. Its actively trying to punish you for buying it by taunting you with the idea that you may be able to download games, but it is a lie.


8 April 2015

I would buy the emulator if it didnt have the blurry filter and if it had bluetooth gamepad support :3 If you add this I would totally buy it.


13 July 2014

I cant save the game


15 April 2014

So you pay 5$...for an app you can get for free called VBA8. I bought this before looking any further. Regret it fully. Also sound quality is trash. And sadly can't turn it off. Playing with the sound completely off is the only way :(


23 March 2014

This App is great and works well but several times now it has deleted all of my game and memory. Getting reply annoying.


14 March 2014

I love this app!! Download games at Savings fine, games sounds are good on this app, and video feed is good... the only downside is... when you snap the game it does not show the game very well, and I like snapping.


9 February 2014

This thing has ke[t me busy for weeks, worth every penny. Just be sure to already have a GBA :). Wish it was likely to have a PS counter part.


8 February 2014

Could not set up on my non touch screen laptop because I couldn't get to the options menus to enable an xbox controller.


12 January 2014

Very well made app perfect for pokemon and mario fans like myself.