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    [07.12.2015] + Fix frequent crashes at resuming the app after minimized. It is better to have XBOX gamepads. + add XBOX shortcuts when playing games. + RightThumb + LeftThumb to activate game manager. + RightThumb + LB to do quick save. + RightThumb + RB to do quick load. + RightThumb + BACK to reset game. + RightThumb + START to power OFF/ON game. + A to confirm a dialog message. + B to cancel a dialog message. + add XBOX shortcuts for game manager + LeftThumb or D pad to navigate the game list. + A button to select a game or open a folder. + B button or RightThumb to go BACK + X button to get out of a folder. + LB or RB to switch among sections. + FIX cursor not hide automatically after power OFF then power ON. Version 2.2 Managing games becomes easy. [04.27.2015] + Display recent 30 games. + Allow set a "Home" directory where all games are stored. + Under home directory, selected folder and game is remembered. + All UI are keyboard friendly. Navigate through interface with keyboard shortcuts, see tooltips. For more release notes, please check http://sites.google.com/site/genstalgia/release-notes


Genstalgia is an evolving Sega Genesis emulator optimized for Windows 8, Windows RT and Windows Phone. To play your favorite old school games, additional game cartridge files (ROM) are required, which can be in .smd, .gen, .md, .bin and .zip file extensions.


  • Play Sega Genesis/MegaDrive games
  • Support two XBox 360 Controllers, configurable keyboard and on-screen game pads
  • Support two generic USB gamepads and Bluetooth gamepads
  • Live tile display of playing game
  • Support save and load game states
  • Provides fun retro video effects
  • High quality video processing filter to make game shine on HDTV

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1 March 2015

See above. With the most recent Windows 8.1 updates installed on a Surface Pro 2, this app when clean installed crashes whenever I attempt to run a ROM. This includes the built-in Fix-It Felix game.


12 January 2015

Works great!


7 December 2014

I've tried multiple roms and changed all of the available options, the sound quality on most games on this app an absolute waste of money.


22 August 2014

I love it


8 August 2014

Was a five star, but controls freeze up periodically.


15 July 2014

So glad I found this. I bought it to support future development and to play all my favorite sonic games again on Surface. For the future, I think for the price it's not unreasonable to suggest that all the Sega emulators you develop to be bundled to one like Fusion is on desktop. You could do the same for your Nintendo emulators. Master system, genesis, game gear all on the same app. Anyway I hope this app continues development I'm really enjoying it and can't wait to test out Xbox controller support.


8 April 2014

I Had A Problem I Was Messing Around With The Files Of It And Broke It Now It Wouldn't PlayAnd Tutorial Were Too Confusing So I Thought If I Deleted It Then Came Back Here It Would Work And Give Me Another Trial But Didn't So Now Im Looking For A Way To get It Back HELP!


17 February 2014

This is the best genesis emulator in the store.


22 January 2014

Tested on Dell Venue 8 Pro, works fine thanks devs


20 January 2014

Emulator does well. I understand there might be bad sound coming from the emulator, but unfortunately having the sega genesis, it had bad sound as well as limited color palette. My gripe with the emulator is that customization is limited. You can't configure buttons on an xbox controller and can't adapt from a 3 button scheme to a 6 button scheme like genesis did when street fighter 2 and mortal kombat came out on to console. Overall great console but the options are lacking.

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