Gin Rummy HD

Saddle up and prepare for the most addictive Gin Rummy on Windows! Group as many cards into sets and runs as you can! When your deadwood, or value of ungrouped cards, drops below 10 knock to end the round!


  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Automatic card melding
  • Detailed statistics
  • In depth instructions

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30 August 2015

This game freezes, changes cards around not necessarily where you want them . It won't let you draw a winning card and automatically closes the game.


25 May 2015

I paid for a game that I have to restart every time no such thing as play two games in a row. here is the work around I found by myself. after winning or losing a game choose the back button then restart the game from there.


16 December 2014

OK. General gin rummy game. I am shocked that the developers actually put their names in a Credits area though! This thing freezes. It lacks basic settings (like sound off). It cheats. (Like discarding a card that was already discarded and not picked up. Two or three times!) You cannot contact anyone to ask about the game. If they would actually FIX some of the things that a LOT of people have complained about.... it might get better ratings. And shame, shame, shame on Microsoft for letting a truly poor put together app like this stay in the Store. You would think these guys worked for Microsoft!


28 October 2014

I really like the app, except when a game is won or lost the app must be rebooted when starting a new game. This is annoying and unnecessary


19 May 2014

Great game.


20 March 2014

Love this game on my IOS devices and play with friends but the Windows version is single player only. Seems it should be free without this option.


5 March 2014

The game freezes quite often about every 5 minutes the only way to unfreeze it is to restart the hand which gives you a new hand. I have this game on my ipad and kindle they don't freeze


4 March 2014

I still have ADS


22 February 2014

Fix the glitch, it is a problem and I plan to uninstall this game to bad because I liked the game.


8 January 2014

Fun and challenging on hard.

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