Set goals and keep track of them using Goal Keeper. Use handwriting, ink, voice memo, or keyboard and mouse to define your goals. Child-safe and kid-friendly. Use Goal Keeper for your classroom's daily or weekly blogs. Designed for use in Education and schools. As a teacher, have your students create goals or a blog and keep track of them in the classroom. Students can create detailed goals and an action plan. All data is stored locally and not on an external website to protect students' privacy. Goal Keeper supports the Share charm. Students can use the Share charm to take a screenshot of their goals and email it to the teacher.


  • Set and Track Goals with text, voice, and ink memos
  • Education, Student and Teacher goal setting for the classroom

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20 November 2013

Fun app and good for kids to motivate them


16 November 2013

I teach grade 5 and we're using Surface devices in our school. This app really helps my students set goals and track them. It's nice that my students can add audio notes and typed notes. We'll revisit the goals every week. What I like: - That students can create their own goals - They can track progress - It's easy to use