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Follow your national elected leaders as they microblog on twitter.


  • Follow national elected leaders
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16 November 2013

Needs update ... many listed accounts are no longer in Congress, some are not even alive.


20 May 2013

I have not idea where it is getting the stuff It chooses to put up in my space. Removing it.


13 January 2013

It is way out of date including the listing of house members that have been our of office for over 2 years. Also, I subscribe to many of my favorite elected officials on twitter but they aren't even listed in this app. Very disappointed!!!


5 January 2013

Awesome idea for an app, however being unable to click links inside tweets makes it highly unusable.


21 December 2012



25 November 2012

I think the entire approach here is flawed. It just provides a list of democrat/republican elected officials, and presumably lets you subscribe to their twitter feeds. Isn't that what any twitter app is for? I think far more useful would be to take your location and use that to present government feeds that would actually be relevant to you


10 November 2012

great ui. interesting to see all the politico streams in one place


2 November 2012

Think it needs an SSD. Not uncommon. Punishingly slow on a 5400 RPM spindle 160GB notebook hard disk. Not fun waiting 15 seconds or more for an action to take place. Content is fine. Probably runs well enough on a Surface RT. But I don't own one, and I can't be alone in that. So... dev, don't forget us with sub-notebooks and tablets that sport platter storage, XGA res. panels and maybe a resistive (barf!) digitizer too. Metro is really good on these too when the apps are designed thoughtfully.


28 September 2012

Politics and Tweeting, match made in... Democracy. Full Review >>


20 September 2012

Convenient way to keep up on political figures in the social sphere

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