Gym Freaks

This is the number one motivational app for all who loves to workout and being fit. If you feel tired, just pick up your tablet and open Gym Freaks and after 5 minutes you feel highly motivated and ready to get some gains. Gym Freaks has fresh content every day: - Motivational pictures which are fresh - You can see your own picture at Gym Freaks using #gymfreaks has tag in your favorite photo sharing app. - New motivational video everyday, which will pump your energy levels thought the ceiling! With Gym Freaks you can rate your own workouts and monitor your training quality in month basis. In center of Gym Freaks is your own goals, what is the best motivation if not dreaming your own goals. Gym Freaks also has more than hundred motivational phrases.


  • Live stream of fitness workout photos
  • New motivational training video each day
  • Track your training quality
  • Your own goals
  • Motivational phrases

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6 October 2014

I downloaded this app did not want to open :(