Hearts!? is a Windows Metro version of the popular card Hearts game.


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17 July 2016

Need to be able to have options for players names, winning points.


15 June 2016

I like playing your hearts but the movement is a lttle slow.


16 April 2016

A good game.


22 March 2016

lots of fun


7 January 2016

This is a slow moving version of hearts. I prefer something that moves a little faster


19 December 2015

its a great game,


1 December 2015

so far s o good


11 November 2015

Too hard to win, hence not as fun as the old game from XP/Win7 This game is really set up to not let you shoot the moon: It knows the state of _your_ hand and makes plays based on that instead of being impartial. E.g. if you are close to shooting the moon, it will unexpectedly cause hearts to be played. I could only shoot the moon once in about 100 tries. That's not fun if they try to make it too hard to win. I only won once in about 15 games. You can see this kind of pattern all through the gameplay (not just shooting the moon) I think the game would be better if it didn't try to trick you. But I have to uninstall this game since it is just not fun.


4 November 2015

I liked the old version the best


29 October 2015

The game is programed against the player. 70% of the time the player starts with the club 2, he usually has medium level hearts dealt or passed to him so that he ends up with lots of hearts points, the spade queen is taken often with others making unusual "lucky" leads. It seems as if the other players know the cards in my hands. I am an excellent hearts player, usually winning around 75% of my games on other sites, but here I might win 20%

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