Hearts !

Test your skill and logic playing against computer in Hearts! • Hearts is a very popular card game. • The flexible AI adjusts to any player. • Easy-to-use, responsive controls. • Three levels of difficulty • History The goal of Hearts is to have the lowest score at the end of the game. You must play a card in the same suit (Clubs). If you do not have one, you can play any card, except that you cannot play a Heart or the Queen of Spades on the first turn, also called "trick". The person who plays the highest card of the same suit as the leading card "takes the trick" and leads the next trick. The player who takes the trick earns 1 point for each Heart in that trick and 13 points for the Queen of Spades. But if someone wins all the Hearts and the Queen of Spades, also called Shooting the Moon, then that person scores 0 points and each other player scores 26 points! The game ends after any player earns 100 points or more!

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30 November 2015

Good background music


19 November 2015

so far I have been unable to get on and play heart even though I took out the game. I do't know what I am doing wrong. Please let me know.


23 June 2015

This is the easiest presentation of hearts that I have encountered. If you pay attention to your play you can usually win every game, The opponents (computer) does not play their cards logically and makes many stupid mistakes. The biggest challenge is the "best Results" listing. if you can win the game with less that 10 points, you have done well. I find this game more fun to play than the games where your opponents (computer) plays every card perfectly and the cards are stacked against you and you might win one out of a hundred.


22 May 2015

Game moves really fast so you have to pay close attention. Also it doesn't keep track of the percentage of wins, so you really don't know how well you are doing.


9 May 2015

This is the best version of hearts I have used. Excellent graphics. I Play it daily. Enjoy


21 February 2015

No sound. No undo move. Interface crappy. Does have difficulty standards.


20 February 2015

I enjoyed playing this game! I like the sound track and the fact that all scores are visible at all times. I will enjoy this game for many hours to come.


16 February 2015

Would love to know how many total games I have played and how many games I have won. Love the game but not the scoring. Come on guys this shouldn't be a problem to do. Are you even reading these comments?


4 December 2014

Pretty good


23 November 2014

sucks won,t play

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