Heavy Excavator Crane 3D - Construction Simulator

Drive through the rugged terrain with amazing 3D animations. Test your skills at a real construction site. Have you ever dreamed of driving a heavy excavator crane for construction work? Not easy to handle, but fun to play with. Heavy excavator crane simulator 3D will let you experience that. Are you a pro heavy vehicle driver? A new concept in the construction and heavy crane driving games. You get to handle the excavator manually using the steering and other controllers. Drive on the rough terrain and reach the sand on the construction site in this real construction driving simulator game. Complete the excavation challenges when you get behind the heavy vehicles. As a construction crane and excavator driver you are on a driving duty. Real 3D graphics and environment will make your experience even more interesting. Complete all construction and excavation levels of rotation, elevation and driving. Heavy machinery and vehicles are not easy to drive so be careful and accurate in your duty as a heavy excavator crane driver in this 3D simulator game.


  • Real Experience of Driving Heavy Excavator.
  • Explore the Construction Site environment.
  • Complete all Levels of Driving and Excavation.
  • Smooth Steering, Brakes, Lifting and Rotation Controls.
  • Amazing 3D Graphics & Environment.
  • 2 heavy vehicles to support and enjoy your drive
  • HD Graphics, Animations and Sound Effects
  • Real-time Simulation & Driving
  • Multiple Game play Missions
  • More levels in updates are coming soon.