H.G. Wells Collection

The H.G.Wells Collection offers a wonderful reading experience for a really low price - 46 books by H.G.Wells are now under one huge collection, all with modern features you would expect - easy navigation, a large variety of layout customization, fast page transition, bookmarks, search, table of contents, etc. Book list: -A Modern Utopia -A Short History of the World -Ann Veronica, a modern love story -Certain Personal Matters -First and Last Things -God the Invisible King -In the Days of the Comet -In the Fourth Year - Anticipations of a World Peace -Kipps -Little Wars -Love and Mr. Lewisham -Mankind in the Making -Marriage -Mr. Britling Sees It Through -New Worlds For Old -Secret Places of the Heart -Select Conversations with an Uncle -Soul of a Bishop -Tales of Space and Time -The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories -The Door in the Wall and Other Stories -The First Men in the Moon -The Food of the Gods and How It Came to Earth -The History of Mr. Polly -The Invisible Man -The Island of Doctor Moreau -The New Machiavelli -The Passionate Friends -The Red Room -The Research Magnificent -The Salvaging Of Civilisation -The Sea Lady -The Sleeper Awakes -The Stolen Bacillus and Other Incidents -The Time Machine -The War in the Air -The War of the Worlds -The Wheels of Chance - a Bicycling Idyll -The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman -The Wonderful Visit -The World Set Free -Tono Bungay -Twelve Stories and a Dream -War and the future - Italy, France and Britain at war -What is Coming - A Forecast of Things after the War -When the Sleeper Wakes


  • Customizable Layout, One and Two Column Landscape Orientation
  • Search, Bookmarks, Chapters